A Golden Cross to Bear

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"It was very well done and informative but also personalized a local man's war story and showed the impact on his family. One part I particularly appreciated was the inclusion of the impact on Germany and German soldiers as well. A great combination!"

Marsha Markas

"This series is a very thoughtful, and in depth look at not just one man's service in the first world war, but also the wars impacts on people from many nations on both sides of the conflict."

Randy Eichler II

"Loving sharing this with my mom, Leslie Savage. Her dad, Lawrence Burridge, was in the Prairie Division in World War I. Mom is learning so much about her dad’s experience, and watching the documentary brings back memories for her of stories her dad shared about the war. Mom is 93, and it’s terrific to see her so engaged. Very grateful to be able to share this with her."

Jody Savage